Zanele and Lesego steal hearts

11 January 2019
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Lesego and Zanele Marry Me Now SA

Theirs is no extraordinary story, but people couldn’t help but shed a tear when Lesego and Zanele shared their love story.

The lovebirds met through a friend of hers over eight years ago, and although they are polar opposites, there was an instant spark.” I’ve dated before, but I’ve never felt like this,” says Zanele. “This is the guy I want to grow with.”

Talking about marriage, the two reveal that they had discussions about settling down. “The idea was to go and ask for her hand in marriage. Overcome with uncertainty, Lesego couldn’t ask to marry Zanele because of doubts about how he would take care of her.

So Zanele took the brave step to ask the father of her twin girls to marry her now.

“I know that you want to marry me, you always tell me that you want to get married, so let’s go and get married,” Zanele proposed.

Without hesitation, Lesego said yes and couldn’t peel his eyes off his beautiful wife-to-be.

And Twitter was there with tissues as the couple hugged, kissed and walked down the aisle.

Missed Lesego and Zanele's happy ending? Watch the episode's highlights below.

Lesego suits up – Marry Me Now SA

14 January

After getting ready, Lesego leaves a sweet message for his wife-to-be.