Telling your parents you want to get married

21 December 2018
Here are a few tips for telling your parents you want to get married.
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Saying “I do” is one thing.

Breaking the news to your parents is another.

Marry Me Now SA is all about proposals and weddings with a twist. Not only does the lady propose to her partner, but she also needs to inform her parents and her partner’s parents of her intentions – pretty scary.

We all know that parents have a big impact on how relationships turn out because as much as they want to see the family grow, they want to make sure your partner is the right one for you.

Given that, how do you go about telling your parents that you’re planning to walk down the aisle?

Think about the right way to tell your parents

Timing is everything when getting married as it can make or break the wedding announcement for both your parents and your partner.

Although you might be very excited about sharing the good news, think about other things that may be happening at the time. This includes situations like a family member being ill or other important family matters.

If you’re planning on throwing a surprise engagement party, perhaps start off by telling other people first. This may give you more confidence and preparation for informing your parents.

When it comes to eventually breaking the news to your parents, it’s best to go about it in a respectful manner so that they aren’t put off by your news. Also, make sure that you’re prepared to answer any questions that will surely come your way.

Once they know, the next step is to involve them in the wedding planning process. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t have a final say (it is your big day after all), but they’ll appreciate you involving them.

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