Talitha Ndima's wedding must-haves

26 October 2018
Talitha Ndima shares her must-haves for every wedding.

Everyone loves a good wedding, and we love to discuss the do’s and don’ts, what we loved and what was a miss.

Add in a twist, and the conversation is bound to go on for even longer!

“You can expect a show that puts a mirror up to the different dynamics of our family structures in South Africa,” says Talitha Ndima, Marry Me Now SA host.

We chatted to Talitha about her wedding must-haves, her experiences and what you can look forward to once Marry Me Now SA premieres next week Friday on 1Magic at 19:00.

Describe the perfect date.

Good food, good conversation and lots of laughs. The venue is not the most important part as the chemistry should take care of everything else wherever you go.

What’s your favourite honeymoon destination?

Bora-bora looks pretty amazing. I haven't been before but the blue beaches are a definite yes for me.

Name the top 5 artists you think every couple should include in their wedding playlist.

  • John Legend
  • Langa Mavuso
  • Ringo Madlingozi
  • Nina Simone
  • Sade

Tell us your best pickup line.

I think asking someone "do I know you from somewhere?" is a pretty good way to start a conversation with a stranger.

Tell us about a time at a wedding that made you do the following:

Made you laugh really hard

When the ladies try and catch the bouquet is usually a pretty funny moment at most weddings.

Made you cry

Whenever the man/woman starts crying when saying their vows, I always will get teary. I think it's super sweet.

Shocked you

Sometimes the family does not agree that the guy should marry the girl, that's always a shock as I feel that's it’s the guy’s choice who they decide to spend the rest of their lives with.

Pick one:

  • Ball gown or fitted-lace wedding dress
  • Beach or wine farm setting
  • Red velvet or black forest cake
  • Rustic or flashy wedding décor
  • Emerald or Diamond engagement ring
  • Winter or Summer wedding

What are you looking forward to when the show starts?

I'm looking forward to the reactions of the viewers when things don't work out as planned. Those were the most difficult episodes for me to shoot, but I really believe will be the most entertaining.

So grab the girls and make sure to make a date with 1Magic on Friday, 02 November at 19:00 to catch the premiere of Marry Me Now SA.