Planning a blooper-proof wedding

07 December 2018
A few tips for avoiding common wedding planning mistakes.
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Obsessing over the small details

No one says don’t be detail-oriented, but don’t fall into the mistake of overthinking every small detail. It’s a waste of time to obsess over things such as the precise order of the DJ’s playlist or the type of greens used in the salad.

Having a wedding committee

It’s your big day which means it needs to reflect your personality, style and of course your partner’s requirements too. Involving every relative’s suggestion and ideas will lead to unnecessary conflict.

Settling on a venue

Wedding planners always recommend that couples book their venue before selecting a wedding date. This allows you to avoid disappointment later when you find that the venue you had in mind isn’t available.

Another mistake that can occur is not having enough seating space for all your guests. If you book a venue that isn’t big enough, you’ll likely put yourself in a challenging situation as you’ll either have to lower your guest list, or book a bigger venue and lose your deposit money.

Planning for the weather

The weather is undoubtedly a factor that needs to be factored into your wedding preps. Never count on the season to make your wedding arrangements, especially if you’re thinking of an outdoor wedding. Even if there’s been no rain at your chosen location, having a solid poor-weather plan will guarantee that there are no surprises on your big day.