Palesa and Nhlanhla tie the knot

02 November 2018
Palesa asks her longtime boyfriend and father of her children to marry her.
Palesa and Nhlanhla

Although Palesa Mkhwanazi (32) and Nhlanhla Mqadi (37) have been together for 13 years, they never thought that their relationship would turn into something serious. The couple has been living at Nhlanhla’s home and have children together.

“Now that we have children, it’s important to raise them in a marriage,” says Palesa of her wish to marry Nhlanhla.

Talking about lobola negotiations, Palesa says she kept telling Nhlanhla to ask her mother for her hand in marriage, but although Nhlanhla made promises to Palesa’s mom to pay the lobola, he never got around to it.

To convince Nhlanhla about their appearance on Marry Me Now SA, Palesa’s cover-up story is that the couple is participating in a couples’ challenge. Nhlanhla is sold on the idea.

When it’s time to reveal her intentions to her family and friends, Emma, Palesa’s best friend, is beyond shocked but happy for her friend. “I’m just worried about Mrs Mkhwanazi (Palesa’s mom),” Emma said.

Unsurprisingly, Palesa’s aunts, uncles and mom are also extremely surprised when she shares the news with them. Her family are supportive of her decision and after having a talk with her in-laws, the Mkhwanazis and Mqadis agree to settle the lobola payments at a later stage.

Plans to ask for Nhlanhla’s hand in marriage on a boat are ruined because of weather conditions. Onshore, Palesa pops the question and Nhlanhla says “Yes”.

The couple shared a beautiful wedding with family and friends in a spectacular setting in Margate, KwaZulu Natal.

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