Marry Me Now SA Recap: Phumeza and Speech

30 November 2018
Speech confirms Phumeza as Mrs Caga.
Marry Me Now SA Episode 5

After nine years and eleven children, Phumeza and Speech have graduated to Mr & Mrs Caga. In the sixth episode of Marry Me Now SA, Phumeza (29) explains that it’s high time she and her bae, Sphiwo A.K.A Speech (55), settle down.

“I told myself that by the age of thirty I should be married.”

While Phumeza is adamant on becoming Mrs Caga, Speech jokingly remakes that his family’s cattle only want to graze on familiar grass. Unbeknownst to Phumeza, Speech is also preparing to send his cousin from Port Elizabeth to Phumeza’s cousin in East London to ask for her hand in marriage.

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Phumeza hasn’t seen her mom in three years, and as soon as she arrives from Cape Town, she gets to the matter at hand.

Phumeza is over 25 years old and she’s old enough to make her own decisions, Phumeza’s mom reasons. In addition, she doesn’t want to be an obstacle in her daughter’s life. “I don’t want her to say at my deathbed, ‘she can die because she was an obstacle in my life,’” says Phumeza’s mom.

And with that she gives her daughter her full and undivided support.

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On the other side, Speech also informs his mom and aunt of his intention to marry Phumeza. Mom and aunt thank Speech for finally doing the right thing.

It’s proposal day and Phumeza cannot her nerves. “I could say speaking to his mother was the scariest only to find out that speaking to him could be worse,” Phumeza explains.

Without wasting too much time, Speech gets down on one knee and listens as Phumeza proposes to him. “We had the same idea because I have a surprise prepared for you. But you clearly have outsmarted me,” Speech amuses.

And just like that, Speech confirms Phumeza as Mrs Caga.

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