Marry Me Now SA Recap: Bahlo and Musa

25 January 2019
Bahlo proposes to Musa.
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Bahlolegile Makgatho (24) and Musa Mdluli (25) met in early 2012 at a matric dance. “That entire night I couldn’t speak to her. She was looking like all sorts of beautiful and when I eventually tried to get her number, she wasn’t there,” says Musa.

Because of his popularity, Bahlo played hard to get for quite a while but knew that she felt something for Bahlo.

Bahlo is speechless as she explains how she felt every time they hugged.

Speaking about her impending proposal, Bahlo is confident that Musa will say yes.

When it’s time to reveal her intentions to marry Musa to her family and friends, emotions are evidently very mixed. “You’re crazy!” say Musa’s sisters when she shares the news. Things get even trickier when it’s time to choose Musa’s suit.

“I don’t know if he’ll like the colour,” says one of Musa’s sisters. “The fifty shades of pink on the tie will not sit well with him,” she explains. The sister soon reveals that she’s being more defensive as Musa isn’t present to partake in the wedding preparations.

Sharing the news with her family is even harder, as Bahlo’s father disagrees with the manner that the wedding is going to be carried out. There is no sign of sanity in it all, Bahlo’s father says. “People will interpret it as Musa didn’t marry you, you married Musa. It’ll look like Musa doesn’t have control over anything,” Bahlo’s father expresses.

“In our culture, a woman doesn’t propose to a man. A man proposes to a woman and the woman submits to the man,” says Bahlo’s mom.

Although not happy with the arrangement, Bahlo’s parents give her their blessing.

Musa’s family is similarly shocked when Bahlo tells them of her plan. “It’ll look like we didn’t do things the right way,” says Musa’s mom. She also doesn’t understand how Bahlo’s family can expect her to listen to what Bahlo is saying.

With mixed emotions, the Mdlulis bless the couple’s union.

Musa is just as shocked when Bahlo pops the question but says YES!

Watch the highlights from Bahlo and Musa's journey below: