It's a "No" from Kabelo

16 November 2018
Kabelo isn't ready to settle down.
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“I love my partner. He is amazing, and if there’s any way we can make our [relationship] better than let’s do it!” These were Sinehlanhla Gantile's words about her partner, Kabelo Moloto (24).

The 24-year-old young lady from Centurion and her boyfriend have been happily in love for 5 years, and Sine felt it is time that the couple takes their relationship to the next level.

“Sine is everything that I was not looking for; in all the women that I dated in my past relationships, she was quite different,” said Kabelo about his girlfriend.

When it comes to discussing the wedding budget, Kabelo isn’t too keen on hosting a less than average wedding ceremony. On the other hand, Sine believes that as long as they love one another and are committed to each other, there is no reason why they shouldn’t get married.

Sine’s family is less than pleased when she reveals her intentions to them. Sine’s mom expresses her concerns about her daughter’s future. “You’re not working and you’re trying to build a career for [yourself]. Kabelo is also not working.”

Her dad also expresses his concerns and discomfort. We need to take the families’ relationship into consideration, he says. “We might not be very traditional, but we’re Africans.”

Over and above that the family believes that it’s a man who proposes to the woman, and not the other way around.

Kabelo’s parents share similar sentiments with Sine’s family. They refuse to attend the impending wedding but agree to meet with Sine’s family later.

Serenading Kabelo with Lira’s “Phakade”, Sine pops the all-important question. Perplexed by everything, Kabelo suggests that the couple think things through carefully before walking down the aisle.

In the end, Kabelo and Sine’s families meet up and decide to put the engagement and wedding on hold.

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