5 most memorable reactions on Marry Me Now SA

23 January 2019
These are the moments that made us sit on the edge of our seats and shed a tear.
Shane and Shalane Marry Me Now SA

For those of us who’ve been hooked on Marry Me Now SA, the most anxiety-inducing part has to be the groom’s (if married) or the boyfriend’s reaction. But both families’ reactions have also caused just as much anxiety.

During the 13-week long season one of Marry Me Now SA, we’ve waited with nervousness and bated breath for the reactions of the families and partners. Here are a few that stuck with us:

5. Nhlanhla's shock when Palesa proposed

Nhlanhla couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Palesa approaching him in her wedding dress. Shaking his head in disbelief, he hugged and kissed his soon-to-be wife as he answered yes. “My prayers have been answered.”


4. Sine’s mom

Who can ever forget how Sine’s family, especially her mom, reacted upon hearing the real reason why she’s gathered them into the living room. “What rubbish are you talking about?” questioned Sine’s mom. She couldn’t understand how Sine could organise a wedding without keeping to the family’s tradition. More than that, she was annoyed that Kabelo had no idea he was getting married in less than three says.

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3. Lesego’s reaction when Zanele proposed

Standing up to embrace his girl as she walked through the restaurant in her wedding dress, Lesego couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Zanele. Finally, with an idea what was happening, Zanele could barely finish her proposal before Lesego said an immediate yes. The two couldn’t stop kissing and looking at each other – it was the cutest thing.

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2. Zanele’s family when she broke the news

Nobody could have guessed that Zanele’s family would react with such joy when Zanele said she was proposing to Lesego. Having asked her family to gather together, her aunt suspected that Zanele wanted to share news about her wedding, and boy was she right on the money.


1. When Shane couldn’t hold back his tears

“No ways!” Shane exclaimed when he saw Shalane in her gorgeous white and beige ball gown. He had to pull himself towards himself as it slowly hit him that he was getting married. “Are we doing it for real baby?” he kept on asking Shalane, and eventually unable to control himself, started crying. So beautiful.