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New additions for 1Magic's Lingashoni season 2

24 March 2022
A new family adds to the drama and tension on 1Magic’s Lingashoni in season 2
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After a season of intrigue, twists and turns, heartbreak, betrayal, and criminal activity, the 1Magic telenovela Lingashoni will be dialing things up even further in season 2.

After fighting for her equal rights as a Cele wife and being snubbed at every turn, Seipati makes a shocking decision that leads to a life-changing event for everyone in their world, leading us into a fiery second season.

As if the drama and tension between Mandla Cele and his two warring wives, Puleng and Seipati wasn’t enough, a new family joins the show to shake things up.

While reeling from the events and developments of season 1, we’re introduced to the Shabalalas, comprised of mother Brenda (played by Maggie Williams) and her two children, Japan (played by Ishmauel Songo) and Poppy (played by Lungelo Mpangase). A breath of fresh air and simply going about their business, we quickly learn that there is far more than meets the eye – especially with Brenda.

“Family dynamics are a huge part of Lingashoni, and in the new season they are explored even further and with more nuance. Being Africa’s best storyteller remains top of the list and Lingashoni is a show of high quality and superb talent. We’re committed to keeping our viewers entertained and intrigued at every turn and season 2 promises to do just that,” says Shirley Adonisi, the Director of Local Entertainment Channels at M-Net.

The overarching theme for Lingashoni season 2 is that doing what’s best for your family’s survival is the ultimate test of courage, and in the furnace of adversity, your true self is forged.


Season 2 of Lingashoni premiered on 1Magic (DStv Channel 103) on 21 March at 21h30. Join the conversation on social media with the hashtag #Lingashoni.