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Sarah a.k.a mama minister is our character of the week - Lingashoni

23 August 2022
We must give Zukisa Motola her flowers because she has been killing her role as Sarah Nondumo on Lingashoni.
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As we know, she is married to Robert Nondumo. He is the police minister. He has not been above board and asked his beloved wife Sarah to lie under oath to save his skin. She was soon found out, and her life was ruined. She lost the respect of her peers and lost her job. She did not take this very well and spiralled right into the arms of an ever-willing Papi.


Thus began her alcohol-induced relationship with Papi, which was about scratching an itch. Whether or not feelings were caught is another issue because she was so believable in the nuances she chose to use, from when she got drunk at the new Danko and refused to go home. She was playful and coy and got Papi to initiate the scratching. Gone was the stuffy mum-in-law who never had a hair out of place and held everyone and herself to an unattainable high standard.


One of our favourite moments must be the intervention with the church ladies. Mpumi initiated an intervention to help her see reason and to help her out of her destructive behaviour. They were unprepared for the truth session Sarah was about to give them. As we all know, she is not one to back down and proceeded to read them to filth. She aired out all their dirty secrets and then proceeded to chase them out of her house.


However, she took it too far when she allowed Papi to stay at her home; this is where we think feelings were caught, but we were enamoured with how she approached the scene. She wore Sarah's vulnerability, brokenness, hurt, innocence, power and want like a glove. She immediately made us forget that what she was doing was wrong. Instead, we praised her fearlessness. We quickly snapped out of that moment because we all froze when she came downstairs to get a drink. She found Robert sleeping downstairs, which led to her telling Papi to leave, but they were too late. They got caught by Mpumi and Donald. However, note how she went from confidence to regret to pleading in minutes. Nothing about that scene was unbelievable. Instead, you found yourself begging Donald not to wake his father up.


This leads us to the heartbreak of her being exposed just when she thought she had gotten away with her infidelity. Due to Papi having too many enemies who have no problem telling him. How she learned that Robert knew about her affair was sad. He found out on their anniversary and was the epitome of brokenness. As she was about to surprise him, he surprised her first with a clip of the tape she had made with Papi. She was left alone in a room with her bad decisions and her marriage crumbling.

Sarah always keeps us on the edge of our seats, as we never know when mama minister will return. As she fights for her marriage, we can only wish her the best and hope that she does indeed find her place back in Robert's heart.


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