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Character of the week, Robert - Lingashoni

09 September 2022
Bathi healing is tough and Robert's agrees because when he get's one win, his life falls apart in another area.
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As he continues to fight for his marriage in the only way that Robert can, we will look back on the day he got the 'not guilty' charge. He was so excited because he managed to evade the justice system, and he lives on to fight another day. 

While revelling in his good fortune of being re-instated as the Police minister, he gets a phone call from Dennis that is music to his ears as he gets informed that the president wants to speak with him. This can only mean that he is back in the president's good graces. Just as things were finally looking great, cue marriage drama in the form of an affair Sarah has with Papi. During their twenty-fifth anniversary party, he gets an unsavoury message about his wife doing things he never thought possible.

He starts to spiral, which makes him act questionably towards his wife because he cannot believe she could do such a thing. Thankfully Donald stops him before he does something that he regrets.

Sarah ends up snapping as she cannot continue being around Robert's moods and extreme temper, so she files for divorce. He throws a spanner in the works as he feels she is giving up on their marriage. We were all surprised by this response because we thought that was what he wanted.

Donald then tries to step in after Robert has blocked Sarah's cards because she is filing for divorce. This leads to a physical brawl between Donald and Robert, which ends in tears as they hurt Mpumi, who was trying to break up their fight.

That violent exchange brought on the birth of his grandchild and caused him to look within and find a way to forgive Sarah. He tries to win her heart back by speaking more gently towards her and spoiling her with beautiful dresses.  This seems to work as he promises to work on their marriage, protect Sarah, and win back her heart. 


As we know, happiness never lasts long for Robert, which is the case now, so let's hope that he finds a way back to his happy place. He is such a colourful character with many dynamic layers and an infectious laugh. We can only wonder, what is next for Minister Robert Nondumo? Tune in every Monday to Thursday at 21:30 on #1Magic.