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Will This Love Triangle End In Tears? – Lingashoni

21 May 2021
Seipati and Puleng can't seem to get along.
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Mandla seems to be happy with his two wives.

The businessman, who's been working very hard to uncover the truth about what really happened to him all those years ago, has decided to live with both Puleng and Seipati in the same house. While this arrangement might be working for him, it doesn't look like it's the ideal situation for two ladies. 

While Puleng seems to be happier now that Mandla has scored a big tender deal, Seipati is not so impressed. After Mandla shared the exciting news, Seipati asked if he'll be able to handle the tender, and still carry on with the investigation.

"I've decided to drop the investigation," Mandla told his wives. When Seipati asked if Robert had anything to do with his decision, Puleng chimed in and told Seipati: "Why can't you be happy that Mandla is moving up in the world, for once?" Seipati responded by telling Puleng that she has no idea what Mandla has been through in the past ten years.

They had an argument in front of Mandla, and at the end, he sided with Puleng. He told Seipati: "You're always talking about ten years ago and that's slowing me down... From now on I don't want to hear you mention ten years ago." 

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