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What's In A Name?

16 February 2022
The buzzword this week on #Lingashoni has been the Cele name; who’s entitled to it and what it’s implications are.
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Mohau has the privilege of legally taking the Cele surname and becoming the Cele heir to the throne that Mandla currently sits on. He says he’s doing it because Mandla has always been a father to him but it won’t be too far-fetched to think that at the back of his mind, he’s also thinking what Mantoa is.

The Cele name represents money, power, influence and a new status for Mohau. He’s the future king. But the Cele name also comes with some responsibility and we are yet to se if Mohau has the stomach to take this on. He has let go of Mpumi who’s now officially his sister, is also his lover and one true love. He’s accepted Mantoa’s proposal and a wedding is being planned.  All of this in the name of becoming a man, a Cele, that Mandla will be proud of.

There’s an outcry from Puleng and Bangizwe. Puleng knows what taking the Cele name for Mohau means for her own son. He doesn’t inherit the kingdom, which means she’ll have nothing too.  Bangizwe’s reasons are not as selfish as he contemplates how the Cele ancestors will receive Mohau.

So a name isn’t just a name, it comes with your past, present and future. Let’s see if Mohau will stand firm in his marriage and being Mandla’s son or will he crumble the empire; if Puleng makes sure the heir never makes it to the throne; and what the Cele ancestors may have in store for him.

Your guess is as good as anyone, but your strong opinions, below, have shown that you’ll be determined to follow #Lingashoni through to the end and find out what happens next.


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