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Seipati reaches out to Mantoa - Lingashoni

16 June 2021
Will Mantoa save the day?
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Siepati has gone to great lengths to save Mpumi and Donald's relationship. After catching Mpumi and Mohau kissing, she couldn't believe her eyes. She was also shocked that the stepsiblings were having an affair right in front of everyone. 

The stressed mother realised that she could only sort this out by inviting Montoa from the Freestate to Joahnnesburg. Montoa, who is Mohau's fiance and the mother of his child, came as soon as she was asked. 

At first, Puleng wasn't sure about having Montoa in her house, but Seipati made her see why she had to be there. "If you were as smart as you think you are, you would allow her to stay so that your duaghter's marriage can actually happen," she told Puleng. It seems the two wives are now on the same page and just want what's best for their children. 

Does this mean that Mpumi and Mohau will stop seeing each other now that Montoa is in the picture? Watch Lingashoni weekdays at 19:30 on 1Magic, DStv channel 103, and live on the DStv app!