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Puleng reveals Mohau's secret – Lingashoni

29 July 2021
The truth is finally out and Mandla wants answers.
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Puleng has been threatening to destroy Seipati’s life for a while. This week, she finally managed to keep her promise after telling Mandla the truth about what happened between Mpumi and Mohau.

Because she doesn’t want Seipati and her children to take the Cele surname, Puleng spilled all the beans. At first, Mandla thought that Mohau and Mpumi only kissed once. He forgave his stepson after her came clean. However, that was not the entire truth.

Puleng asked her husband: “How can you be okay with what Mohau did, Mandla? And why are you letting him get away with this?” He didn’t understand and asked his wife: “What’s this obsession with Mohau? I mean, it was nothing.” According to Mandla, it was just a simple mistake.

Puleng couldn’t let it go. “Are we also teaching our children that it’s okay for them to sleep with anybody and have no consequences?” Mandla was shocked by Puleng’s statement and asked: “Who slept with who?” Puleng then revealed that Mohau slept with Mpumi.

“Puleng, the boy told me that he had a crush on Nompumelelo, and they kissed once and that was it. Mandla was shocked and went straight to Mohau to demand the truth.

Does this mean that Mohau will no longer be getting the Cele surname?  Follow all the drama on Lingashoni weekdays at 21:30 on 1Magic, DStv channel 103, and live on the DStv app!