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No honor among thieves

07 March 2022
Backstabbings, secrets and lies. Just another day in Lingashoni-ville.
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Last week finished with a bang with the arrest of Macingwane. What a shame. After being so careful not to trust Robert, he decided to let his guard down and then his worst nightmare happened. There really seems to be no honor among thieves.


Mandla goes to great lengths to get Robert and Macingwane in the same room because, and in true godfather style, he understands that rivalry among them is bad for business. But was he being naïve to think Robert and Macingwane could bury the hatchet? Even he is taken aback when it comes out that Robert had sent Ace to kill him.


Layers after layers of secrets about that fateful night that Mandla was supposedly killed and Ace, definitely killed continue to emerge and dog the characters. What will come out next?


Robert has shown that he’s a cat with nine lives as he continues to survive obstacles put in his way. But is having Macingwane arrested, going to be the final nail in his coffin? The big question this week is what is Macingwane going to do if he can do anything while locked up? Phakade will definitely be of no help as he’s also incarcerated.


Don’t get us started on the Phakade and Sebetso saga where the two have discovered that they have been lying about certain deaths that affect them. Sebetso killed Phakade’s mother and Phakade killed Sebetso love.


This week is expectant with explosives. Will Phakade and Sebetso get past these new revelations? Will Macingwane survive prison to go after Robert and exact his revenge? Is Robert off the hook considering there’s video footage of him killing Chauke circulating around?


There is a ticking time bomb in Lingashoni land and I’m sure you’re all just as anxious to find out when it’s going to go off as we see below.


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