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Mpumi resorts to desperate measures – Lingashoni

27 August 2021
Makoti has had it with Sarah.
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Mpumi is sick and tired of her mother-in-law. Since the day she married her husband, Donald, Mpumi has been living with her family. While being a newlywed is supposed to be a fun experience, Mpumi hasn't had time to enjoy her marriage. Her mother-in-law has been meddling in her marriage and has been treating her son's wife like a helper. 

She hasn't allowed her to do some of the things she enjoys doing, and has been instructing her to do house chores every single day. Mpumi got tired of it all and decided to fake an injury so that she can rest. 

She fell while cleaning the kitchen window outside. Sarah happened to be in the kitchen and quickly rushed to Mpumi after the incident. Her husband took her to the hospital and when she came back, she was walking with crutches. If that's not a genius move, we don't know what is! 

Because of that move, Mpumi was able to rest for a few days. However, her break was cut short after Sarah discovered that she had lied about the injury. She even stopped talking to her daughter-in-law. 

Will these two ever get along? 

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