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Lingashoni season 1 teasers – October

04 October 2021
Check out what you can expect on Lingashoni this month!
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EPISODE: 113, Monday, 04 October 2021

TEASER: Seipati is back at home, making Puleng simmer in her sins. Tebatso must choose between Prudence and the Mchunus and Sarah is the last hurdle in Mpumi’s marriage.


EPISODE: 114, Tuesday 05 October 2021

TEASER: Puleng finds herself fighting a battle she did not envisage. Mpumi and Sarah mend fences. Prudence sails dangerously close to the wind.


EPISODE: 115, Wednesday, 06 October 2021

TEASER: Puleng experiences a major fall from grace. Prudence takes a drastic step to get justice for her kidnapping. Is Donald keeping secrets from Mpumi?


EPISODE: 116, Thursday, October 2021 

TEASER: Puleng is brought to tears when she realises Mandla may replace her permanently with Seipati. Phakade is given his first initiation. Donald and Mpumi take their long overdue honeymoon.


EPISODE: 117, Monday, 11 October 2021

TEASER: The timer on Prudence’s life is set. Seipati is determined to be the only Mrs Cele. Donald pushes for fatherhood.


EPISODE: 118, Tuesday 12 October 2021

TEASER: The slip of the tongue might cost Seipati dearly. Prudence receives a call that sends shivers down her spine. A baby starts to show cracks in the lives of newlyweds.


EPISODE: 119, Wednesday, 13 October 2021

TEASER: Seipati cracks the whip, she gives Puleng another K.O. Phakade’s initiation deadline looms, baby topic causes tension between Mpumi and Donald, but Mpumi has a surprise


EPISODE: 120, Thursday, 14 October 2021

TEASER: Puleng discovers a part of Seipati’s blood chilling secret. Prudence throws herself in the line of fire. Love is in the air in the Nondumo house.


EPISODE: 121, Monday 18 October 2021

TEASER: Mantoa unwittingly hands Puleng the ammunition to attack Seipati. Tebatso finds out that Prudence is dead and NJ finds out Papi’s secret.


EPISODE: 122, Tuesday, 19 October 2021 

TEASER: Puleng realises she’s been sitting on a gold mine. Tebatso wants payback for Prudence. NJ plays matchmaker for an unsuspecting couple.


EPISODE: 123, Wednesday 20 October 2021

TEASER: Mandla learns a dangerous secret about his wife. The Mchunus start to panic about their latest crime. Thanks to NJ, Papi finds himself in a compromising situation with Letlotlo.


EPISODE: 124, Thursday 21 October 2021 

TEASER: Seipati serves Puleng a TKO. New information about Prudence’s death lands on Tebatso’s lap. Papi keeps hitting a brick wall with Letlotlo.


EPISODE: 125, Monday, 25 October 2021

TEASER: The ball is in Mandla’s court as Seipati and Puleng play the aces up their sleeves. Tebatso’s vengeance takes the final gear and Papi and NJ’s surprise backfires spectacularly.


EPISODE: 126, Tuesday, 26 October 2021

TEASER: Mandla’s relationship with his wives takes a disturbing turn. Tebatso crosses a line he will never be able to uncross. Papi makes a brave move.


EPISODE: 127, Wednesday, 27 October 2021

TEASER: Puleng and Seipati form a fragile truce. Tebatso and his gang attack the Mchunus. NJ keeps interrupting Papi and Letlotlo’s romantic moments.


EPISODE: 128, Wednesday, 28 October 2021

TEASER: Tebatso’s troops pulls off a deadly move, it’s desperado in blankets. Mandla deals Seipati and Puleng a deadly blow. Papi just can’t catch a break.