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Lingashoni season 1 teasers – August

03 August 2021
Mandla finally learns the truth about Mohau and Mpumi's relationship.
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EPISODE: 77, Monday, 02 August 2021

TEASER: Mohau’s infidelity comes with dire consequences from all fronts. The Mchunus find Tower and Skoon, it goes down. Mpumi is caught drowning her sorrows.


EPISODE: 78, Tuesday 03 August 2021

TEASER: Mandla is in for another startling discovery. Mpumi stands up to a monster in law. Tebatso goes to extreme lengths to get the Mchunu brothers’ attention.


EPISODE: 79, Wednesday 04 August 2021  

TEASER: It never rains but it pours for Seipati and Mohau after the cat is let out of the bag. Tebatso gets to see Ace and Mdu in action as they deal with their enemies. Sarah suffers severely after Mpumi’s confrontation.


EPISODE: 80, Thursday 05 August 2021

TEASER: Mandla threatens to kick Seipati out if she sides with Mohau. Mdu shoots Skoon in both kneecaps. Sarah reveals she's suffering from emotional pain. 


EPISODE: 81, Monday 09 August 2021 (Women’s Day)

TEASER: Mandla knocks in the last nail on Mohau’s coffin. The Mchunu brothers have a sticky situation in their hands. Mpumi starts to feel the consequences of her actions. 


EPISODE: 82, Tuesday 10 August 2021

TEASER: Mandla has to protect what’s left of the Cele reputation while the Mchunu brothers struggle to get Toolkit and Skoon to talk. Sarah turns up the heat for Mpumi.


EPISODE: 83, Monday, 11 August 2021

TEASER: Tables turn on Puleng, Seipati has her biggest secret, Mchunus play their final card, it pays off and the curtain is falling on Skoon and Tower. Sarah hangs Mpumi’s dirty linen during a prayer.


EPISODE: 84, Thursday 12 August 2021

TEASER: Puleng gets more tangled in her web of lies. Robert deals the Mchunu brothers a deadly blow. Mpumi plays “two can play that game”.


EPISODE: 85, Monday 16 August 2021

TEASER: Seipati fights to stay in Johannesburg and has an ace up her sleeve. The Mchunu brothers make a deal with Papi and Puleng. Mpumi finds a plan that might help her escape Sarah.


EPISODE: 86, Tuesday 17 August 2021

TEASER: Mandla takes a stand and vows to find the truth about the wedding. NJ’s fling is revealed. Mpumi takes drastic measures to avoid makoti duties.


EPISODE: 87, Wednesday 18 August 2021

TEASER: Puleng tries to flip the table over Seipati while Mdu avoids telling his son the truth, and Mpumi is having the time of her life thanks to the Makoti Kit.


EPISODE: 88, Thursday 19 August 2021

TEASER: Puleng pushes her agenda even further with Mohau. Phakade is out for blood when he learns the truth about his little brother’s killer. Mpumi gets what she bargained for. 


EPISODE: 89, Monday, 23 August 2021

TEASER: After Mohau’s betrayal, Seipati must bow to Puleng. Ace’s wet mouth is about to cost someone their life and Makoti kit works wonders for Mpumi.


EPISODE: 90, Tuesday 24 August 2021

TEASER: Puleng’s house of cards begins to tumble around her. The Mchunu’s attempt to heal a festering wound. Mpumi’s lies catches up with her.


EPISODE: 91, Wednesday 25 August 2021

TEASER: The chickens have come home to roost for Puleng. Mdu refuses to entertain Phakade’s proposal. Mpumi’s world is falling apart.


EPISODE: 92, Thursday 26 August 2021

TEASER: Papi teaches Mohau a lesson he’ll never forget. Ace makes Phakade's dream come true without Mdu’s consent. Mpumi apologises to Donald.


EPISODE: 093, Monday 30 August 2021

TEASER: Puleng is in deep water when her secret is revealed to Mandla. Phakade betrays his father when Ace takes him under his wings. The Nondumo aunts arrive to crack the whip.


EPISODE: 94, Tuesday 31 August 2021

TEASER: Mandla learns the shocking truth about his wife. Phakade saves NJ from a dangerous situation. Mpumi fails to get Donald to support her.

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