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Last man standing – Lingashoni

21 February 2022
Robert has once again dodged the firing squad... or has he?

What a rollercoaster last week was on #Lingashoni. Just when we thought, it was the end of Robert, like the proverbial phoenix, he rises from the ashes again to laugh in the face of his enemies.

Life can be one big cat-and-mouse game, with people being cats at some point and mouse at others. Is Robert’s position a true reflection of politics? He is disgraced, stripped off all political clout but then he makes a quick comeback as Minister of Police (did you see that one coming?). Those that were gunning for him are scrambling to take cover or look for other means to destroy him.

Does Robert have nine lives? Will he wiggle his way out of this one? Also people like Mandla, who has teamed up with Macingwane, to deal with Robert is not so squeaky clean. He also has blood on his hands. The blood of Ace, to be exact, the brother of his co-conspirator.

This week, who will be the last man standing?

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