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Is Mpumi's marriage in trouble? – Lingashoni

27 July 2021
Mpumi's mother-in-law is crossing the line.
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When Mpumi married Donald, she probably didn't know that she'd have to deal with his mother.

The last few weeks have been very challenging for the new Makoti and she has been frustrated. 

The newlyweds live with Donald's parents and Mpumi isn't a fan of this arragement. She asked her husband to get a house so that they can be free and enjoy their new marriage.

Another thing that has been bothering Mpumi is her mother-in-law. Not only does she dictate when Mpumi should wake up, but she also seems to have a probelm with her friends. "I don't like your friends," Mpumi was told by her mother-in-law. She added that one of her friends, Lulu, is too forward. 

Has Mrs Nondumo crossed the line? Also, will Mpumi finally put her foot down? 

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