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Character of the week – Seipati Moeketsi

29 October 2021
It was good until it wasn’t!
Seipati Lingashoni

It really all started when Seipati along with her children came to Gauteng to fight for her marriage that things started to go south. Finding Mandla pretending like he never had a life with her for so long was the ultimate betrayal and it hasn’t been the same since.

It got worse when the fighting between her and Puleng ended with a kidnapping situation of course curated with Papi’s help, you know partners in crime or whatever and just when they thought they had pulled it off, Seipati gave them the biggest shock of their lives and just reappeared.



Dangerous game it is


Sepati decided to deal with Puleng the only way she knew how. She decided to marinate on the situation and letting her suffer and then forcing Puleng to divorce Mandla was the revenge she was hoping would get rid of her forever.


Mantoa pills the tea

With Mantoa knowing that Seipati knew Mandla’s real identity way before him, it was only a matter of time before she spoke and man did she speak!


Cleaning up the mess

After everything came out and everyone knowing where they stand with each other, it all came crumbling down and now the man of the house Mandla wants both of them out of his house, a mess okay?


It’s anyone’s guess at this point as to how this is all going to pan out but we can admit that it was rather good to see Puleng shake in her boots because fact remains, her secret is still the biggest and most damaging one.


Seipati had her fun and we were here for it but unfortunately not everything lasts forever.

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