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With looks to kill and a sharp-witted mind to match, Mpumi is an independent and headstrong woman in a man’s world. While her intentions might not always be founded in nobility, she always strives for justice and truth. She might use her alluring looks to charm and disarm – more often than not resulting in her getting what she wants – but a closer look beneath the surface reveals that Mpumi is a confident woman who uses wit, intellect, sass, and shrewdness to make sure she is always a step ahead of the competition. Her competitive edge coupled with her sharp mind make her a formidable young woman. She is Mandla and Puleng’s first-born daughter. Mpumi was always more than your typical girl-next-door.

As a child, she was opinionated and feisty. Never one to back away from a challenge, Mpumi was a young girl who enjoyed both playing with dolls and wrestling with boys. Her heart was always carefree and untamed. Her mischievousness and predilection for adventure saw her land in trouble many a time. Even as a child, Mpumi was outspoken, and it is this outspokenness that Donald wants to tame once they are married and it is also the same outspokenness that leads her into trouble with her in-laws who believe that a woman must hold a more reserved position, and should never be more dominant over her husband.

Mpumi discovered at a young age that looks could get you things. Her wide smile and charming personality saw her get out of trouble many a time during primary school. She was the centre of attention wherever she went; her confidence never went unnoticed. She has a very close relationship with NJ, they are BFFs, she and Puleng get along, but it is not a bosom mother and daughter relationship, even though there is love there and she learns to love Mandla and is happy to have him back and she will start building a good relationship with her. Even in her business, Mandla reminds her of the dreams she used to have as a kid and that she must never give up on them. She must fight for independence so that she doesn’t disappear as someone’s wife.