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Patrick Mofokeng (Mandla)


Mandla is multifaceted and complicated, but with good intentions. We first meet him as a political firebrand, turned a successful tenderpreneur. He loves Puleng but has been going down the wrong road, partying with comrades and women. Mandla is selfish and driven by money, he is not connected to his wife and to kids. After his memory loss, When he is on the farm, he is the perfect husband and helps raise Teboho and Mohau, he is the man Puleng hoped for but never got. When he returns after ten years, he is out to reclaim his life. Upon his return, he realizes that he still loves Puleng, and thanks to the 10 years he has spent with Seipati, he cares deeply for her too. Mandla is torn between his love for the two families and begins his quest to bring them together. Despite his genuine intention, Mandla doesn't realize that his attempts to reconcile the families will only wreak more havoc. 

Mandla must navigate these complex realities as he seeks a deeper truth and a state of unity. He must negotiate his space in a world filled with strife. While flawed in many respects, he's not a one-dimensional villian. His deep love for both of his families is in conflict with everyone around him. This troubles him. He loves his son NJ but the limits of that love will be tested when he discovers that he is gay. His public face is magnanimous and courteous, always in control. In private he can display vulnerability.