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5 Times Gabrielle Union Proved She's a Style Icon!

30 October 2020
L.A.'s Finest actress Gabrielle Union keeps serving style goals on and off the red carpet.
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There's literally nothing not to like about Gabrielle Union. 

She's talented, smart, fierce and hella woke. And if her character on L.A's Finest - the new crime action drama TV series that's currently airing on 1Magic - is anything to go by, we now also can't help but associate with the type of women who gets things done! 

One other thing the actress is consistently making headlines for, however, is how she's always turning heads with her style choices. Whether she's treating her almost 17 million Instagram followers to her most jaw-dropping 'fits, hitting the red carpet with designer gowns that shake every table in the high fashion world, or just taking out the trash and being photographed while at it, she never misses a step with her fashion. 

It's probably why in 2017, she launched her own fashion line in partnership with a big American fashion brand. It's also why she's always able to twin up her looks with her hubby Dwayne Wade, whose now picking an 'Ooh!' here and an 'Ah!' there for how he throws on some fine threads for their industry outings. 

Here are a few looks that absolutely snapped!

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Catch Gabrielle alongside Jessica Alba on L.A.'s Finest, Tuesdays at 20:30 on 1Magic, DStv channel 103!

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