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5 Fun Facts About Gabrielle Union - L.A's Finest

29 June 2020
She is back on our screens and we're here for it!
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We know her, we’ve watched her on our screens for many years, and we absolutely love her. The stunning and multi-talented Gabrielle Union is back, this time as a drug enforcement agent Sydney “Syd” Burnett in L.A.’s Finest, a spinoff of the Bad Boys films.

We are five episodes in, and the amazing actress hasn’t disappointed. It is safe to say we are hooked and look forward to more.

We know all about her as Burnett, so we thought we’d look at some fun facts about her as an actress, wife and mother to get to know her better.

Being an actress was not Union's first choice.

As shocking as this is considering how good she is, being a lawyer was actually her first preference but after completing an internship at a modelling agency, her life took a turn and we are forever grateful for it.


She wasn’t actually a teenager when she starred as one.

When appearing in Bring It On, 10 Things I Hate About You and She’s All That, Union was far from being a teenager but of course with all that ageless beauty, it’s no wonder we couldn’t tell.


Spanish is one other language that she can speak fluently

If you were a fan and watched Being Mary Jane religiously like we did then, you’d remember her showing off how great she is at Spanish. Such an amazing skill!


Union played football at university.

Considering how athletic she is and all her workout videos that leave us wanting to get moving, we can totally see this. She went to University of Nebraska where she played football, but that’s not all, before that she also participated in basketball and track.


She is an author who has made it to the best seller list.

In 2017, Union published her New York Times best seller memoir We’re Going to Need More Wine where she gave us a glimpse into her life, one aspect being a black actress in Hollywood. She did so with honesty and humour. Inspired by her daughter Kaavia, Welcome to the Party is a children’s book, which is about parents' love letters to their little ones, and we have to say, we highly recommend these!


You can continue to catch Union as she portrays Burnett in L.A.’s Finest, Mondays at 20:30 only on 1Magic.