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Character of the Week - Insecure's Kelli Prenny

22 October 2021
"You know what that is? Growth" - Kelli, Insecure.
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We are now just days away from the hotly anticipated season 5 premiere of Insecure, which will be landing it's final season on 1Magic next Monday at 22:00! And by the looks of things, everyone is hella glowed up as the popular comedy drama television series concludes an iconic 5 seasons of unforgettable moments. While all eyes are on how Issa's evolution will be peaking, we won't be letting the opportunity to give Kelli Prenny her flowers. What's not to stan? She's everything we need in a friend! 

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Portrayed by the outstanding Natasha Rothwell, who stuns just as much acing the portrayal of Belinda on 'White Lotus'(currently streaming its first season on Showmax), Kelli has delivered the best serving of everything a friend should be. And one thing's for sure, she will not mince her words. Here are some five reasons we are absolutely in love with Miss Kelli!


When was Kelli never there for her friends? Whether Issa is going through the most in her personal life, or getting a big bag hosting an event that has taken every inch of her courage to bring to life, Kelli is always around supporting her friends. Granted, she will throw some shade here and there, but it's really for the ambiance. We need her.


Season 2 started with Issa Dee struggling with her split from Lawrence. During these initial stages of grief, Issa had been reminiscing on the good old days with her boo before she broke his heart. Kelli was the first friend to say 'girl, listen!' Snap out of it. She went on to remind Issa that Lawrence had become boring and uninspired. It hurt, but it needed to be said. So, it was said. BY KELLI! 


Did you see Kelli taking sides during Issa and Molly's bitter feud? No, she made sure to stay impartial and allow the girls to work through their strife without external influences. 


Although she will be with you when you are sobbing on the floor after getting dumped via a bad wriiten text, she will also uplift everyone with her bubbly personality. Every single time!


There's no episode with Kelli scenes that doesn't brighten up the mood. She makes everyone laugh and it's honestly a superpower. 

Tune in to catch the 5th and final season of Insecure on Monday, October 25th at 22:00! Join the conversation on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #1Magic