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Which Insecure Character Are You?

25 May 2020
If you were part of the circle of friends on Insecure, who would you be?
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The latest season of Insecure is already being touted as one of the best in the show's history.

Six episodes in, the show has tossed surprises and plot twists no one could have seen coming. It's also been a season about the testing of character. Issa is an amazing girl with a killer creative instinct, ambition, love, and loyalty. But let's face it, the way she's dealt with the Molly situation has raised a few questions about her. Molly is being accused of being condescending, high horsey, and straight-up selfish. Which Insecure are you? 


When it comes to securing bags, Molly doesn't play around. If she has to play a little bit dirty to move forward, so be it. Throughout Insecure, Molly has remained the most professionally put together of all the girls. The lawyer, who's built an impressive resume along with a fancy life to boot, has her career all figured out. At her law firm, she's moving up the ranks and doing the absolute most with thoses cases. 

But while the good sis is a beast in court and in the boardroom, she's not always articulate in stating her case, Take, for example, the glaring communication problems between her and Issa, as well as her boyfriend. She can navigate a complex case like it's nothing, but apologizing to a friend is the hardest thing. Is this you?


The whole point of Issa is that she's just so much fun! Even when she's going through the most, trying to navigate life as a woman of colour now fresh out of her 20's, she always entertains you while doing it. That alter ego she raps and argues with in her bedroom mirror? Bars for days! The mistakes she makes are very relatable, and we get to grow and reason with her character. She's cheerful and always seeks to see the best in others. 

She gives too many chances, too, maybe. Lawrence should be gone by now. But we all know of a Lawrence in our lives who should be gone by now. And a Nathan. And, maybe, just maybe, a Molly. 

That said, Issa needs to toughen a little and start prioritizing herself for a change. 


There's no episode that goes by without Kelli making everyone laugh. Jokes roll off her tongue, and the way she sees the world is absolutely funny. Having recently pretended to be British to impress a date, and absolutely failed while at it, is really why she's our girl. 

On the real, though, she's low key the glue that keeps this circle of friends together. We all saw this with the build-up in Issa and Molly's fight. When not cracking a joke, she's actually diffusing some pretty hectic situation. 


Or maybe you are the girl in the group who's in a stable relationship. Whether or not you are now a first-time mom, you and your boyfriend have been together since, forever. We basically don't even remember either of you as solo and have just accepted both of as a combo in every situation. Also, your friends come around to your place often because it's just cleaner. 

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