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Issa Rae weds beau in South of France

02 August 2021
Insecure actress Issa Rae's real life wedding was an intimate affair in the South of France.
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Issa Rae organised her nuptials privately, not allowing a word to catch wind that she and her fiancé, Louis Diame, had been planning a wedding.

And she successfully kept the ceremony out of the press until last week Monday, when she treated fans to an awe-inspiring photo dump of everything that took place at her dreamy matrimonial affair! The pictures feature a joyful Issa, smiling from ear to ear as she saunters around in her stunning bridal gown. We also get beautiful snaps of the couple looking dripped out for their vows along the upscale and lavish scapes. 

True fashion to Issa, she joked about the wedding. The 36 year old actress jested that she'd been at a photoshoot, but should be understanding that we weren't born yesterday. "My girls came to help me, but they all coincidentally had on the same dress! They were sooooo embarrassed", she continued explaining the scenes of the said shoot. Except, her plot didn't stick, as fans and peers flooded her comments with congratulatory messages.

"Congratulation Issa!" Mindy Kaling wrote, amongst a slew of celebrities who congratulated Issa Rae on her dreamy day. "You both look gorgeous. So many blessings."

Her Insecure co-star Yvonne Orji, who portrays her bestie Molly on the show, was in attendance. The two are currently filming the 5th and final season of the show, which has aired all it's prior seasons on 1Magic. 

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