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Inside Insecure Season 4, Premiering Soon on 1Magic!

28 January 2020
After ghosting the scene for a year, Insecure is returning to your screens!

On the season 3 finale of Insecure, which aired in 2018, Issa had just turned thirty.

Although the good sis entered the next phase of her life with a banging party, courtesy of Molly, it was clear that more than a movie night with friends will bring about the breakthroughs she needs in her personal and professional lives. 

Professionally, though, viewers of the series were thrilled to see her make big moves towards more self fulfilling endeavours. Here’s a millennial African American woman, single and now in her 30’s. As Kelly pointed out on the birthday get together, it’s refreshing all these young women making bold moves without conforming to social pressures and expectations that come with growing up as a woman. 

Having left her job and started taking up a filler gig as a Lyft driver, Issa ended up determined to revisit her idea to host a block party for the local community. We know she’s always cared about issues of presentation, and the establishment of spaces in which she could see herself. So it was great seeing her take active steps in making that vision come to pass. 

Yet her love life remains in limbo. 

Lawrence, with whom she broke up after their 5 year relationship fell apart on season one, suddenly showed up in her life. She’s bumping into him everywhere and unresolved feelings and ‘could have been’s’ are once more triggered in her life. Sadly for her, though, he’s pursuing other prospects. 

So she’s stuck with Nathan, who ghosted her for an entire month without saying a word. On the last episode, he showed up outside her place with a bouquet of flowers to apologise, but Molly stopped him from ruining Issa’s birthday before she saw him. 

But while Molly played her part in keeping Issa’s day drama and dude-free, it wasn’t long before Nathan was back at her doorstep, explaining that he sometimes flees the scene without telling anyone. 

There’s hope though, because after he promised it would never again, Issa did a bit of cleaning around at her place. Could she be cleaning up her life as well? 

The highly anticipated fourth season of Insecure will be premiering on 1Magic this looming autumn. Keep an eye on the #1Magic social platforms for updates!