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First Look at Insecure Season 5

23 September 2021
The trailer for the 5th and final season of Insecure has arrived.

Our good sis Issa Dee is lowkey getting ready to move on from a couple of situations which have been played out in her life.

When we first met the Cali hun in her mid to late twenties on the first season of the popular HBO comedy, Issa had been figuring out a whole lot in her life. Now that she's crossed the big 3-0, we've seen her getting more intentional about deading dysfunctional relationships, fleeing from toxic spaces and breaking old behavioural cycles that no longer serve her. 

It's crunch time time now, because the next season of Insecure will also mark the end of the popular hit. We are not ready to let go of Issa and Molly by any stretch. But Issa Dee will likely have to move on from anything that no longer makes sense in her life, in order to enter the next level of her evolution. 

Amongst those relationships in question is the one with Lawrence, the ex-boyfriend she deeply loved and lived with for 5 years eons ago. We've come along the pair's many eras - from when they were the imperfect but seriously perfect couple with love goals out-charting. We were there when Issa cheated, fessed up to the betrayal, and watched the love of her life walk out the door. Everything that happened between then and season 4 was a matter of concern to us all, including Lawrence returning to the scene with Condola in the picture. 

When they finally reprised their old roles as lovers made in heaven! But that worked itself to an interesting dilemma, with Lawrence finding out Condola is now with child. So, what now?

Another relationship under review is the bestfriend sisterhood with Molly. Season 4 marked a dramatic turn in the dynamic of their friendship, with both parties basically putting the other on ice. They did sort of reconcile at the end when Molly's fairytale tanked, but it might take a whole lot more than just buddying up over personal disasters to rebuild and heal. 

The new trailer has arrived. 


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