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Can We Talk About Issa and Lawrence? — Insecure

27 April 2020
Does Condola have anything to worry about?

It's been ages since Issa Dee and Lawrence's five year relationship came to an end. Scenes of their awe inspiring love gave viewers mushy glimpses of how close the former lovebirds were during the first season of the show.

Further to the fact they'd already been together for so long by the time we met them on Insecure, it was quite clear their relationship was made of something concrete. She'd been out there hustling and he'd spent most of his time on the couch trying to figure things out. She didn't mind, because Lawrence was also her homie.

Sadly for them, though, Issa ended up cheating on him. He found out and it all ended in tears. 

And when Issa Rae recently revealed here that this season of the show would focus on exposing relationships that have been meant to be seasonal, we wonder if their lingering, inconclusive and fuzzy relations would finally see a wrap. Towards the end of season 3, Issa bumped into him at the film event and she drooled. Things weren't working out as hoped with "Lyft Bae", so there she was, brought back into the sweet nostalgia of what once was. 


Except now, he's no longer figuring things out on her couch. He's doing pretty well, and has been investing quite a bit in them dapper suits. He's in good shape and has finally come into what she'd been waiting for when she was patient with him all those many years ago. But, she cheated, right? Many, herself included, might see that as having blown away her own work in progress. 

Fast forward the premiere of season 4, and he's still very much in the frame. This time, however, he's linked to Condola, Issa's new business partner. And just when their friendship blossoms, Issa finds out the guy Condola is gushing about is her good ol' Lawrence! So, how does this work now?

Does Issa cut the link with Condeezy? That wouldn't be smart on her end. Certainly, Issa is tired of coasting through life, not taking full control of her career because of how complicated her personal life can be, amongst other things. 

So, maybe stick it out with Condola and endure all the cringey moments where she has to watch her and Lawrence all loved up. Like shady Molly said during the season 4 premiere, Issa really could start choosing far less dramatic situations for her life. 

As much as Molly's ruthless jibes are being side eyed, could it be because she knows the good sis has never been over Lawrence?

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