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5 reasons we want to be friends with Issa Rae

27 August 2018
We love a sis who is relatable!
Issa Rae

We love ourselves a Queen who is perfectly Okay with being awkward. We all get bit weird sometimes and its refreshing to see a Hollywood actress being comfortable with being herself. Issa Rae is definitely one such thespian in whose authenticity we always delight, just as much as we enjoy watching her character pace through some of the most shocking of situations. 

She's funny as hell!

Well, of course! She's got an entire comedy that amassed itself quite the cult following. Written and produced by the good 'sis, Insecure has bagged some of the most prestigious awards, including an Emmy, for its outstandingly humorous approach to some of life's most grim realities. She's also just as funny in real life, 

She's woke

There's always something politically progressive emblazoned on her T-Shirts on the show, but that's not the only reason we enjoy Issa's wokeness. The show itself is a beautiful portrait of black American life, with a detailed zoom on issues confronting women of colour. 

She's one of us 

We love a Queen who is relatable. 

She's super smart 

We don't need to take you through her academic records. She penned and produced the entire series by herself. You've got to have your pulse on the ground of the most pressing political issues, and be super skilled to do that. 

She's coming to South Africa

It's a good enough reason to love a Hollywood actress. 

Catch Issa Rae on Insecure, Express from the US on Monday at 21:30