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The Next Season of 'Insecure' to be its Final

25 January 2021
It's a wrap
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Millions of Insecure fans around weren't exactly thrilled by the news that the comedy will be coming to end. HBO announced recently that the award-winning show's looming 5th season will mark and end of an era. The news came as a shock to viewers of the much-loved television series, who've been immersed in the life and adventures of Issa Dee as she navigates life as an African American millennial in Los Angeles. 

Season 4 of Insecure may have been one of the most talked-about shows on social media. Following a year-long break from producing a new season, the show returned with a bang. This time, Issa and her best friend and (basically) sister Molly experienced an explosive fallout. Once inseparable, the two almost came to blows once at Issa's event. The moment marked a complete breakdown in their relationship, which at its lowest had Molly saying 'girl, we are different now.' 

And there's no doubt that by season 4, the character had evolved quite differently. Although they are still the Issa and Molly we all love, they'd started pursuing different things. What's more, unresolved issues between them came to the surface. All the shade suddenly became full-blown insults. The gag is, no one could pick a side because each episode put them on blast for being dead wrong. Sometimes Molly was just too shady, other times Issa was doing way too much. 

The end though marked their reconciliation. It wasn't cheesy. Just two best friends to each after their paths led them to run back to each other. 

We are all keen to see what the final season will be bringing! Stay tuned.