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Molly Shading Issa Shakes Tables — Insecure

15 April 2020
We think our fave BFF's have a lot to work on.

The season four premiere of Insecure gave everything we expected and so much more.

In addition to the music, we got rare glimpses of Issa's brother. He held down the decks and ended up playing a song with language that came this close to risking everything Issa had worked hard for. It doesn't help that the Block Party, which has finally come to life thanks to her synergy with Condola, wasn't going well at first. Only issue is, of course, that Condola happens to be dating Lawrence, Issa's ex boyfriend. 

We also got the sighting of Kelli, who instantly made us laugh the way she effortlessly does. This time the good sis had been flirting with a potential sponsor, and she had been joking around that she's "taking for the team." If Issa's block party didn't get any support, she'd offer some kind of service to him for a whole lot of cash. Issa was quick to shut that one down. By the end of the event, Kelli had been winking to the guy in question, so there's no telling where that led. 


The end of the event came with one shocking moment that not only has everyone questioning the quality of Issa's friendship with Molly, but also sent the internet buzzing. 

When Molly found out that Issa's new business partner is Lawrence's current flame, she didn't hesitate reading her for filth. Molly accused Issa of being drawn to drama, and cautioned her against it. A startled Issa Dee couldn't blink as Molly read her for filth, putting her ability to conduct a chaos free life. 

The irony in Molly's self righteous charge is that throughout the night, she'd been struggling to keep things real with her Andrew. Prince Charming had revealed earlier that he's not monogamous with Molly, and she pretended she was down with his game. Only she wasn't, and it bugged her the whole night. 

This wouldn't be the first time Issa and Molly's relationship got tested. The two, who are basically sisters at this point, came to blows at the end of season 3. Molly, again mistrusting Issa's ability to handle her love life properly, had taken it upon herself to send Nathan flying without Issa's greenlight. When Issa found out, she got mad and things took a left turn. 

Could this be the beginning of a rift between the long term friends? 

Insecure airs on Mondays at 21:30 on 1Magic, DStv channel 103. It's also Express from the US, which means you aren't likely to be suffering the setback of spoilers, or FOMO.