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12 Interesting Facts About I May Destroy You

09 September 2020
I May Destroy You is a fictionalised version of Michaela Coel's personal trauma.
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If you hate spoilers, these next intriguing facts are not for you.


1. I May Destroy You depicts its writer’s, Michaela Coel’s, experience when she was sexually assaulted.

2. During the writing process, Michaela produced 191 drafts of the show.

3. During its filming, there was a therapist on set at all times.

4. Netflix offered to pay Michaela over R1 million for her show, for full control of the show. She bargained for at least 5% control, but Netflix refused. In the end, BBC offered her full control of her show.

5. Michaela was inspired by Netflix’s Russian Doll to write the show, This led her to reach out to Natasha Lyonne.

6. Jordan Peele’s Us, as well as Issa Rae, also inspired Michaela.

7. When Weruche Opia auditioned for her role, she left the set feeling as if she'd come back from a really awesome first date.

8. Michaela and Weruche are now best friends on and off the camera.

9. Weruche knew from the time she read the script that the show was going to be amazing.

10. Arabella’s pink wig was intentionally picked so as not to suit her skin tone and face. But this changes as the show progresses.

11. Arabella’s wardrobe was selected with ‘90s inspiration.

12. Kwame’s wardrobe choice of faux fur became an accidental motif to represent playfulness and a security blanket.


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