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How to Manifest a Man

Starring Enhle Mbali as Dudu, the psychological drama series follows a woman who is desperate to save her marriage after her husband suffers memory loss.

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How to Manifest a Man


How to Manifest a Man recap

29 August 2023
Here’s what you should know about the psychological thriller series that has everyone talking.
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When How to Manifest a Man started, Dudu (Enhle Mbali) faced a daunting predicament: her husband, Simz (Mnqobi Kunene), was about to leave her with everything, their savings and her family’s empire.

What’s worse is that he’d fallen out of love with her, and he was going to run off into the sunset with his mistress (Gaisang Noge).

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When Simz was about to leave, Dudu tried to drive him off the road resulting in his near-fatal car accident. He lost his memory, and she embarked on a plan to win him back while he was in hospital. If he doesn’t remember anything, that means that he still loved her right? Here’s where it gets tricky, Simz’s mistress wants him back and she isn’t going down without a fight.

Another issue is that someone witnessed the accident and now, they are blackmailing Dudu. This puts a spanner in the works for all her marriage plans and the police are on her tail. Will she get away with the crime or will she save her marriage?

Catch How to Manifest a Man on Thursdays at 19:00 on 1Magic (DStv Channel 103).