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How To Get Away With Murder


Getting to know HTGAWM’s Gabriel Maddox

30 September 2018
Find out who plays Gabriel Maddox on Season 5 of How to Get Away With Murder.
rome flynn on HTGAWM

Season 5 of How to Get Away With Murder premiered Express from the U.S. on Saturday, and if you were up at 01:00 to catch the premiere, we wouldn’t blame you for mistaking it to the first few episodies of Season 1, such as Annalise announcing a competition for her students.

But there’s a new student on the show that at the end of Season 4, left us with more questions than answers. Gabriel Maddox showed up just when we thought that the season finale had ended happily. All we know at this stage is Maddox is somebody’s child; but whose child he is, we don’t know. He could easily be one of the character’s child.

Although you will have to watch the show to find out what his story is, we can give you deets about the guy behind the character:

1. His real name is Rome Flynn

2. He has appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful, NCIS: New Orleans, Drumline: A New Beat. He’ll also be making an appearance on Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral, as well as The Thinning: New World Order

3. Rome has a baby girl named Kimiko who is 4 years old.

4. His current girlfriend and mother of his child is Camia Marie

Chatting to TV Guide about his character, Rome said, “My instinct right now is [his character] is going to be a little bit of a mystery. Won't be too long, but I think, you know, Frank (Charlie Weber) seems to know who he is. But I don't know who else does on the show.

And I think it's going to be really fun to slowly get to know Gabriel before we know his origins."

Don’t miss Season 5 of How to Get Away With Murder every Monday at 20:30 on 1 Magic.

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