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How To Get Away With Murder


Everything you need to know ahead of season 5 of HTGAWM

28 September 2018
How to Get Away With Murder is back for Season 5!

Your Saturday mornings just got a whole lot better. From 29 September at 1am, Annalise and the Keating Four are back for Season 5 of How to Get Away With Murder.

While season 4 allowed many of the characters to get a bit of peace and happiness, that peace is probably going to be short-lived. Here’s everything you need to know before the new season premieres.

Annalise Keating

Last season saw her pick up and place pieces of her life back together and finding her way toward a life of sobriety. She also cleared her conscience with a class-action lawsuit that landed up all at the Supreme Court. She went on to win the cause and was declared a legal powerhouse on a national level.

Season 5 is likely to kick off on a high note for Annalise.


Michaela's life is at a major crossroads; not only did her cheating on Asher lead to their breakup, she lost Tegan’s trust which sent her off the rails. And as a means of protecting herself, she turned Simon into ICE, which she insisted was a necessary step in becoming the truest version of herself.


District Attorney Denver met with an untimely death through a carefully orchestrated car crash that removed him as a threat to Annalise and her team. He did leave behind open files of blackmail on Annalise and her team which are likely to have an impact in season 5.


Although she had turned against Annalise, Bonnie came back to the fold and helped Annalise to bring down Denver and Jorge. Last season we also witnessed a romantic connection between her and Ronald.

There’s possibly a secret child in Bonnie’s life which was hinted by Denver’s blackmail files. Whether or not Bonnie is aware of the child remains to be seen.


Laurel finally won back custody of her son and moved in with Bonnie as a way to escape the memories of Wes’ apartment. However, all is not peace and happiness for Laurel. A final shot of her in season 4 showed her arms covered in cuts and scratches which suggested she might be involved in her mother’s disappearance. Is she capable of murder?

Gabriel Maddox

He arrived just a few minutes before season 4 ended and took the same student tour as Frank. Frank recognized Gabriel and told an unknown person that her kid is here. Who the kid is and who the ‘her’ is, will most likely make up the bulk of season 5’s story.

Get a sneak peek of the new season below:

How to Get Away With Murder premieres on 29 September at 01:00, on 1 Magic, Dstv Channel 103.