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All the Things Rome Flynn Wants in A Woman - HTGWM

20 April 2020
With a chiselled face and a fine physique, the actor has become many people's crush. He's now revealed what he wants in a potential partner
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If you've been eyeing How To Get Away With Murder's Rome Flynn, it will serve you well to learn that you are in a very long queue. Lucky for you, though, the actor is not fazed by the multitudes of smitten fans shooting their shot online and in person.

Hopefully that means you've jumped the queue somehow. Unfortunately, though, the queue might be leading nowhere. The 28 year old actor is in fact happily married, and has a daughter. But while you are advised to abort mission and keep your appreciation of the actor for your How To Get Away With Murder, you might learn a thing or two about what he finds the most attractive in an ideal partner. 

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In an interview with XoneNecole the actor, who portrays the role of Gabriel on the show, revealed that he's really drawn to ambition. "I think ambition is something that I didn't know I wanted in a woman, until I saw it wasn't there", said the actor, who's recently found success starring in other roles for popular TV series. "I just want someone to match my energy. I don't want a woman that I need to take care of. I want to take care of you, but I don't want to feel like I need to. That's the difference. A lot of women are OK with being taken care of. I want a woman who understands and values herself. A lot of women my age don't understand themselves."

What we are hearing there is he's definetely not into women who are co-dependent. Coming into the relationship with your own grind is a must here. 


Rome has six siblings. 

His daughter, who was happily welcomed in 2014, is named Kimiko. 

He's got quite the busy schedule. In addition to being a regular on 'How To Get Away With Murder', Rome also stars on other series, such as Tyler Perry's 'The Haves and The Have Nots'

Before becoming a professional actor, Rome made his cheque from being a model in Los Angeles. 

His full name is Rome Trumain Ceno Flynn.

Catch Rome starring as Gabriel on the final season of How To Get Away With Murder, airing Mondays at 20:30 on 1Magic exclusively. The series comes hot on the heels of production, which means you get it as soon as it lands. Join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #1Magic and #HTGAWM!

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