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3 Ways Annalise Keating Can Chill Out - HTGAM

25 November 2019
She's respected for being the best, feared for her ability to crush competition and revered for putting others before her. But Annalise Keating is human, and she could use these simple tips to calm all the way down!
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Annalise Keating is one of most iconic characters on primetime television, ever!

But while we love the high profile Criminal Defense Attorney and Law professor because she's so awesome, as Aja Naomi King testifes here, she's also a human being. And How To Get Away With Murder collected all those awards for their spine chilling portrayals of the complex nuances that define real life characters which, like you and me, are not perfect. These are the five things we know the good sis could do better working on. 

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Annalise Keating on How To Get Away Murder S6


Annalise Keating is a Pro at what she does, and the whole town knows about it! Heck, she had enough chops to take a case to the Supreme Court in the Lahey v. Commonwealth case, where she argued for the better funding of Commonwealth case. She won, and instantly elevated her portfolio to become one of the most notable names ever produced by the American legal system. However, Annalise doesn't know when to stop trying to fix the lives of others. Whether it's trying to free Nate's father, initially without his go-ahead, or knowing what's best for Bonnie more than Bonnie herself, there's enough evidence that Ms. Keating can take a break from rescuing others. 


Focusing less on unhingeing others from the hooks of their everyday struggles would certainly free enough space for Annalise to take better care of herself. Try telling that to her, though! The type A workaholic, who's built a big career from putting in the hours, has often been found guilty of not giving herself as much attention. In the several meltdowns that she's had on the show, including her ongoing battles with alcohol abuse, we've all seen how taking some time off to focus on unwinding would do her some good. 


There seems to be very little incentive for Annalise to put down her guard on the show. Her long list of sworn of enemies are constantly gunning for her, her deceased husband was found to have been less than faithful, her own parents didn't create the most supportive of environments while she grew up, and so many more reasons why she lives in a world where trust hold very little currency. That said, we reckon she'd fell less pressured if she trusted those in her circle a little bit more with having enough love and loyalty to completely have her back. 

Other than that, we stan a legend who never backs down! Catch Annalise Keating in the killer final season of How To Get Away With Murder, airing on Mondays at 20:30, only on 1Magic, DStv channel 103. 

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