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Da’Vine Randolph’s Top Five Heartbreak Songs – High Fidelity

21 May 2020
Cherise is the kind of person who could have a heartbreak with someone she’s never personally been in a relationship with because she's passionate.
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If you’re a High Fidelity fan, you’ll agree that the Hulu’s series is packed with romantic comedy pleasures. Cherise, played by Da’Vine Joy Randolph, brings her own flair to the show, leaving many fans wanting more. Many have wondered if Cherise will ever have her own heartbreak story to tell.

Without giving away too much, Randolph suggested that if season 2 of High Fidelity were to happen, audiences would definitely get a glimpse into Cherise’s love life. We made a point to include Cherise’s love story in season 2 if it should happen, Randolph told BAZAAR.com.

Explaining how she thinks Cherise’s heartbreak story would look like, Randolph suggested that hers would be different to Rob’s. “Cherise has issues with feelings and expressing herself. She has trouble connecting with people. I feel like she would be someone that would be cool with online dating because she could run through the guys and it wouldn’t really affect her,” Randolph said.

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Cherise is the kind of person who could have a heartbreak with someone she’s never personally been in a relationship with because of her passion, Randolph told BAZAAR.com. Like the guy across the street or a famous musician that she’d never met before, like Lauryn Hill.

“[She] wasn’t producing as much music and that could’ve been like her musical heartbreak that so profoundly hit her because it was so intimate for her,” Randolph said.

What Randolph’s breakup playlist would look like

My breakup playlist would definitely include some Stevie Wonder as well as songs from The Miseducation [of Lauryn Hill]. “An ex of mine and I were in that ‘I don’t know if this is going to work’ kind of thing,” she told BAZAAR.com. She shared how she literally took the lyrics from one of Lauryn Hill’s songs,

“It could all be so simple, but you rather make it hard”, and spoke it as if she was talking to him. Fortunately for Randolph, this worked in her favour as they tried to fix their relationship.

Next on her list would be Zombie by The Cranberries and Fiona Apple. Aretha Franklin made it to her list as well. I’m the kind of girl who would be like “I got to get through this, learn from the mistakes, process it and move forward,” so Aretha Franklin’s gospel would do it for me, Randolph concluded.

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