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Da’Vine Joy Loves High Fidelity’s Remake of The Original Show

05 May 2020
Da'Vine Joy Randolph talks about her role on High Fidelity and what drew her to the show.
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While Zoe Kravitz may take the centre stage as Rob in Hulu’s adaptation of High Fidelity, Da’Vine Joy Randolph who plays Kravitz’s best friend definitely shines as the funny and loyal Cherise. Randolph’s character on the comedy is a fiercely loyal and funny aspiring musician who has very strong opinions on almost everything.

Randolph was drawn to High Fidelity because the series flipped the script of the original movie which starred John Cusack as well as the novel. “I love the idea that they were going to spin it and instead of men, use women, and instead of white men, use black women,” Randolph tells BAZAAR.com.

“What would be great is if this isn’t a huge moment where it’s talked about and this can become the new normal,” she explains.

Randolph was also drawn to her character Cherise, who despite looking tough on the exterior, exhibits vulnerability at its very core.

For instance, when it comes to her developing music career, Cherise writes songs but refrains from showing her work to her friends. She also finds the fact that in addition to working at the record store, she also works another job at a club coat check.

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Randolph didn’t want to portray a one-dimensional no-nonsense girl.

One skill which both Randolph and Cherise share is their singing voice. The only difference between the two is that while Cherise is a beginner in the music scene, Randolph is a Tony Award nominee.

Working with lead actress and executive producer Zoe Kravitz, was also a huge win for Randolph. She praises Kravitz’s “authenticity to the culture and level of dopeness”.

Randolph wrapped up by telling BAZAAR.com what she hopes people will get out of watching High Fidelity. I hope that by seeing two black women leading the show, audiences will take away the “different complexities of people of colour so that it’s not just stuck in the same stereotypes, but it goes beyond that.”

Catch Randolph as Cherise on High Fidelity, Wednesdays at 21:30 on 1 Magic, DStv Channel 103.