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Zoey and Luca Break Up – Grown-ish Finale

18 October 2019
Zuca called it quits in the Grown-ish Season 2 Finale.
Luca and Zoey Grownish

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Will Zoey rekindle things with Aaron? Well, that should be the question on the lips of anyone who watched the season 2 finale of Grown-ish last night.

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If you missed all the drama from last episode 21, here’s a quick round-up of everything that went down. In episode 20 of Grown-ish, you’ll remember that Zoey telling Luca that she’s landed and accepted a job offer from Joey Bada$$ - a HUGE deal for Zoey – who in the episode described the opportunity as her “dream job”. Mind you, Joey Bada$$ is the same artist Luca was dreaming of designing for.

While he initially played it cool, Luca eventually got so worked up that he almost left Zoey’s apartment without his pants on.

Scared that their relationship was unofficially over, Zoey breathed a huge sigh of relief when Luca showed up at her first big work event. While all seemed like it was going well, Luca suggested that Zoey had only landed the job because of her looks.

How dare he?

Obviously pissed off at Luca, Zoey let Luca have all of it. She expressed how he only supports her on his own terms, and basically said he’s never supportive of her success. That’s when everyone watching Grown-ish knew that Zoey and Luca’s relationship was over.

You might ask yourself where Aaron fits into the picture? Well, you’ll have to read the scoop in the following article.

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