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Junior Makes His Grown-ish Cameo & Has Solid Advice for Zoey

22 August 2019
He’s grown, he’s looking good and surprisingly matured.
Yara Shahidi and Marcus Scribner Grownish

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If like us, you’ve been dying to see the Johnson siblings’ reunion, you’re probably glad to have watched last night’s episode of Grown-ish entitled “You decide”. When it comes to her relationships, Zoey hasn’t had it easy with either her boyfriend Luca or even her friendships. And while we were wondering what it would take for Zoey to put an end to the awkwardness, we were glad when Andre Jnr. Johnson dropped by.

Now, while our girl was receiving numerous advice on how to go about resolving her crumbling relationships, or whether she should mend them at all, the conundrum was whose advice she should follow? But who better than your sibling?

So, after showing Zoey how her apologises usually don’t hold any weight, Junior suggested that she get out of her feelings and apologise for someone else’s benefit for a change. While it took a lot for Zoey to admit that she was in the wrong, she learned an important lesson.

First, she realise that she was so fixated on her own feelings that she didn’t realise she was blind to the hurt she was causing her friends and boyfriend.

After saying her apologies to both Ana and Luca, Zoey came to the realization that in order to receive the forgiveness she was looking for, she needed to forgive first.

Junior for the win!

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