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Jordyn Woods on Grown-ish Debut & Staying Mentally Strong

25 September 2019
Jordyn Woods makes her Grown-ish debut and touches on her character, Dee.

Image sourced: Disney Media Distribution

No stranger to the camera, Jordyn Woods, famously known for her appearance on the American TV reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, will finally make her acting debut on our local screens.

The 21-year-old is set to star will play Dee, a freshman of the Hawkins Dorm. Aaron (Trevor Jackson), who is also a resident in the dorm, learns that Dee was thinking about taking her own life, a revelation which brings him to create awareness about black mental health on campus.

Chatting to People about the role, Jordyn revealed how she felt about the character she is portraying. “As a young adult myself, it was a cool way of being a part of a bigger conversation. And then the episode happened to be on mental health, which was even more important to me to discuss,” she told People.

Touching on how she stays mentally positive, Jordyn told People that it’s important for her to keep positive people around her. “You just have to fully live ever emotion that you go through, and understand that your purpose is bigger than you,” she said.

“You define who you are, nothing else,” Jordyn added.

Although her first official acting role, Jordyn has definitely set her eyes on more acting gigs. “I would love to do more acting; hopefully, always be me with makeup and clothing but I would love to keep the ball rolling on acting and keep going,” she told People.

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