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Grownish - Yara Shahidi unpacked her rich heritage!

31 May 2018
<p>Yara Shahidi</p>

Yara Shahidi is truly one hell of a refreshing young woman! We aren't just saying that because saying good things about people who appear on shows we air is what we have to do. Real talk... we actually don't! 

And even if we did, there's no lack of evidence that the Grown-ish actress, who's juggling her thriving acting career with her busy academic commitments at Harvard University - together with her growing involvement in activism - is a rare gem. 

She's an overachiever and it's all over the sky, which she now knows is not even the limit. As it turns out, Yara is lucky enough to come a family where one of her relatives from her father's Iranian side has actually gone to space! Opening up about her richly multi-cultural heritage to the Haper's Bazaar Arabia, which she covers for the magazine's June issue.

She's the cousin of Anousheh Ansari, who happens to be the first Iranian-American astronaut, as well as the first female private explore. 

The 18-year-old thespian took time off her hectic schedule to add her contributions to culture with the magazine, inside which she shares quite a bit about having grown up in an Iranian-African household. She loves it!

"I hit the cultural jackpot in terms of food, but what’s fascinating is that as different as both sides may seem, they’re really similar", she says. "How we operate, our moral code, who we are in general, being close to family, respect... It’s really universal in a way that blurs both sides.”

Such a breath of fresh air! We vibe with her on so should you, on Grow-nish, Thursdays at 19:30 on 1Magic