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Grown-ish Season 1 Finale: Back and Forth

16 August 2018
Zoey needs to make a big decision about her love life in the season 1 finale of Grownish.
grownish season 1 finale

Picking up from last week’s episode 12, both Aaron and Luca expressed their feelings to Zoey, leaving Zoey with little choice but to leave the freshman formal feeling ever more confused. In episode 13, Zoey finally has to pick one guy; either #TEAMLOCA or #TEAMAARON.

But that’s just half her problems. Cash Mooney decides to make a comeback after months of silence. He rocks up at Zoey’s door and admits to have been thinking about her and wants to try and talk to her. This is the same guy who not only broke Zoey’s virginity but also broke her heart after he revoked his NBA offer and then proceeded to break up with her. That’s not all! Rumours were also circling about him dating Zoe Kravit right after he had dumped Zoey…

Need we say more?

Zoey basically needs some time to sort out her feelings. But that proves challenging when the men in her life are trying to persuade her friends to advocate for them.

Zoey’s friends put the picking a friend to advocate to a halt when they decide on an intervention to help Zoey choose the “right guy”. But this proves unsuccessful as they do a pretty terrible job to convince her who to choose, as they make the whole matter about them.

Zoey decides to leave the bickering and make the decision on her own. Who will win her heart?

Tune in tonight at 19:30 to find out.

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