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Grown-ish’s Zoey cheats on her exams

11 April 2019
Zoey Johnson has made a bad decision that could land her in hot water.

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Like many college students, Zoey Johnson has made a number of bloopers. Like the time she dropped out of a class, only to realise that it wasn’t a smart move. Or the time she accidentally spilled the beans at her Teen Vogue internship which almost cost her her friendship.

These are pretty small and forgivable offences when you compare them to the mistake she made in last night’s episode (Wild’n Cuz I’m Young) of Grown-ish.

It all starts when Zoey decides to head to the pre-finals party, promising herself that she’ll be back in an hour to study for her upcoming chemistry exam. However, after making one excuse after the other, Zoey completely avoids studying for her exam.

Unable to answer any of the chemistry questions, Zoey takes a rash decision to copy her neighbour’s exam paper. She thinks she’s gotten away with it until she receives a phone call from her professor requesting to see her immediately regarding her exam paper.

Although we don’t know what the end result is, if Zoey is caught for cheating in her exams, she could face possible expulsion which could derail her future plans.

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